welcome to my corner of the internet!
my name is khamile or keke :•) thank you for stopping by!
this site is currently UNDER CONSTRUCTION!! i fully intend to migrate over from other sites to here and start narrowing the rest of my social media usage by doing so :•) wish me luck lol


as a short summary of the type of things you'll probably find here...my interests are in space, technology and the digital age, along with video games and some media i've recently seen, so it'll probably write ups of things like that lol or just general rants about how things might be difficult for me i guess. i don't intend to get super in depth for privacy reasons but i also don't plan to be surface level if that makes sense. whatever we'll see


please understand that this site is still very much a WORK IN PROGRESS so please forgive any glitches or errors you may run into. i am also working on optimizing this for mobile because i'm more often on mobile than not and i would like to see my page.


updated site layout
i don't know yet!
who's to say!